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Resindion’s extensive experience in the functionalised polymers chemistry is firmly engaged to create highly useful products to make customers processes more efficient. In this web site you may find information on Resindion products portfolio, designed for the most advanced applications in the life science, and specialty chemical industries.

RESINDION SRL is a fully owned subsidiary of MITSUBISHI CHEMICAL CORPORATION, Tokio (Japan)

Founded in Italy in 1959, Resindion S.R.L. started the production of RELITE ion exchange resins in the plant located in Binasco (Milan area).

Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation, one of the worldwide leaders in the ion exchange and adsorbent resins production, merged Resindion S.R.L. in 1989.

As result of a quite successful integration on standard Relite and Diaion Ion Exchange Resin, Resindion S.R.L. moved across a process of innovation that brought to the today’s production of new functionalized media for the Bioprocess area of application:

Our core competence

  • Matrices polarity degree
  • Porosity calibration
  • Particle shape and appearance
  • Particle size distribution
  • Physico-chemical stability
  • Functional group nature
  • Functional group density
  • Mechano-osmotic resistance

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